Traditional Greek meatballs, using delicious pork mince, packed with Mediterranean flavours and a hint of Eastern cumin, covered in rich tomato sauce served with rice or tagliatelle. 


Prawn Saganaki

Prawns pan seared in fresh tomatoes, ouzo, green peppers and feta. Served with rice or tagliatelle 


Italian stuffed chicken

Free-range chicken breast, wrapped in prosciutto and filled with mushroom, gorgonzola and truffle, finished with Marsala wine sauce, served on sautéed spinach and crispy oven potatoes


Roasted seasonal vegetables All Organic

Slow baked with pomegranate, tahini & hazelnuts, served with falafel & quinoa


Vegetarian Moussaka

Creamy mash potato, layered with char grilled aubergine, courgette & mixed peppers, topped with cooked tomatoes.


Chicken Commandaria

Free range chicken fillet slowly caramelised in commandaria wine, basmati rice and mixed salad.


Lemon & Thyme Chicken

Half a chicken fillet, marinated in lemon & thyme, char grilled for that crispy exterior and tender juicy bite, served with potato mash & salad.


BBQ Pork Souvlaki

Selected cuts of pork, cubed and marinated in our own bbq sauce, char grilled for that smoky exterior whilst sealing the sweet, delicious flavours of the bbq sauce, served with hand-cut chips & salad.


Ultimate Pork Chop

Farm selected pork chop, charcoaled grilled till tender & juicy and served with hand-cut chips, salad & bbq sauce.


Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Fresh Norwegian salmon, delicately pan seared and served with a side salad and basmati rice


Fresh Seabass

Fresh filleted seabass, delicately pan seared in olive oil & lemon juice and served on light healthy quinoa.


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