Pasta & Rice

Penne al Pollo

Juicy tender strips of free range chicken, delicately sauteed with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a hint of cream for that perfect harmony.


Penne al Pesto

Fresh basil, virgin olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan all blended together with cherry tomatoes to create this beautifully simple dish.


Tagliatelle al Carbonara

Pancetta, parmesan, a touch of cream, onions and garlic all tossed together to create this incredible classic Italian dish. Should you fancy add an egg, tomato and hint of cream for that perfect harmony


Seafood Risotto

Fresh salmon & prawns gently sautéed into arborio risotto cherry tomatoes & a sprinkle of parmesan cheese


Mushroom Risotto

Fresh mushrooms sautéed in to arborio risotto & finished with our own homemade vegetable stock, white wine, garlic, butter & parmesan.


Spaghetti pomodoro

Spaghetti cooked in a simple tomato sauce & served with parmesan shavings.


Seafood pasta

Fresh salmon pan-seared, sautéed with prawns & green mussels and finished in a tomato sauce and served with tagliatelle.


Tagliatelle al Salmon

Fresh Salmon, hand-smoked at ousia, flaked on tagliatelle, cream cheese & cherry tomatoes.


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