Quinoa Healthy Bowl

Consciously created combining quinoa, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, dry apricots & figs, pumpkin seeds, almond flakes, hazelnuts, goats cheese, mixed leaves and supercharged with ousia's dressing.


Halloumi & Orange Salad

Toasted sesame halloumi, lightly sautéed and accompanied with mixed leaves, fresh orange segments, seasonal fruits, walnuts and cherry tomatoes, romantically combined with a fresh orange-zest vinaigrette.


Exotic Salmon Salad

Fresh Norwegian salmon lightly grilled, served with goma wakabi seaweed cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves and aroused with a mango & lime dressing.


Falafel & Fatoush Salad

Falafel, handmade vegetarian middle eastern patties, served with mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mixed peppers, radishes, parsley, crispy Lebanese pitta and superbly combined with a tahini, olive oil & lemon juice. 


Panko Chicken Salad

Chicken fillet coated with the chef's panko recipe, crunchy exterior with a tender succulent bite, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes and finished with a honey mustard dressing & parmesan flakes.


Italian salad

Mixed leaves, cherry & sun-dried tomatoes, toasted croutons & shavings of parmesan, dressed in a balsamic dressing. 


Chicken Caesar Salad

Juicy Chicken Fillet, iceberg lettuce, bacon, toasted croutons & shavings of parmesan cheese, Caesar Dressing